Awareness and Perception on Sexism amongst students in the University of Calabar: Counselling implications

By Dr Mfon Eyo & Dr Angela Abaa


 This study which adopted a survey design was situated in the University of Calabar. It was aimed at establishing the level of awareness of the undergraduates on sexism and their perception of what constitutes sexism, amongst others. The population included 23,576 students in year I to IV in the 2017/18 academic session in the University of Calabar while a sample of 500 students were chosen through multi stage sampling technique. The instrument for data gathering was a questionnaire titled Sexism Awareness and Perception Questionnaire (SAPQ), whose reliability was established as 0.75, and was appropriately validated. The generated data was analysed using mean, standard deviation and t-test. The findings of the study indicated moderate level of awareness on sexism; and no significant difference on the level of awareness on sexism between the first year undergraduates and other years of study. The study also established making condescending remarks, or inferring that females are not suited for a particular thing, work or office; mistreating, slighting or ignoring someone as a result of one’s gender; amongst others, as constituents of sexism. While the findings of the study indicated no significant difference, based on gender, on what constitute sexism; there however was significant difference on what constitute sexism between the first year undergraduates and other years of study. Recommendations were therefore made to the stakeholders with a view to reducing sexist practices in the university system.

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