Sexual Behaviour Patterns and the Perception of HIV/AIDS Preventive Measures among In-School Adolescents in Cross River State, Nigeria

By Dr Janet S. Petters & Dr Margaret E. Atsu


 This paper examined the relationship of sexual behaviour patterns and the perception of HIV/AIDS preventive measures in terms of its mode of transmission and its being a killer disease among in-school adolescents. The research design adopted for the study was survey method. Data for the study was collected from 600 in-school adolescents using a validated questionnaire with 0.79 to 0.84 as reliability coefficient. One hypothesis was tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient while frequency and percentages were used to answer the research question. The results showed that there was an inverse relationship between adolescents keeping of multiple partners as sexual behaviour patterns and their perception of HIV/AIDS in terms of mode of transmission. However, there was a significant relationship between in-school adolescent keeping of multiple partners and perception of HIV/AIDS in terms of its being a killer disease. In response to the research question, female adolescents’ perceived knowledge of HIV/AIDS preventive measures was lower than that of the males in terms of being exposed to reproductive health education. It was recommended that more useful information and counselling on preventive measures of HIV/AIDS should periodically be made available to inschool adolescents. The teaching of Reproductive Health Education should be enforced among in-school adolescents right from the junior secondary school levels. Implications for girl-child counselling were highlighted.

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