Personality Traits and Career Maturity among Secondary School Students in Ondo State, Nigeria

By Dr Moyosola Jude Akomolafe & Tosin Emmanuel Akinduyo


This study examined the relationship between personality traits and career maturity  among secondary school students in Ondo State, Nigeria. Three research questions  were raised to guide the study. The descriptive research design of survey type was  adopted for the study. The population comprised ten thousand and ninety three  secondary school students. Stratified random sampling technique was used in the  selection of three hundred and fifty students for the study. Career Maturity Inventory  (CMI) and Big Five Inventory (BFI) were used for data collection. The instruments  were validated and the reliability coefficients of CMI and BFI were .73 and .80  respectively for this study. Data collected were analysed using correlation and  multiple regression analyses. Results showed that five personality traits jointly and  significantly predicted career maturity of secondary school students. Extraversion,  conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness to experience positively and significantly  predicted career maturity of students. However, neuroticism personality trait had a  negative and significant predictive capacity on career maturity. It was concluded that  personality traits were significant factors influencing career maturity of secondary  school students. It was recommended that parents, teachers and school administrators  should provide healthy environment that would help students develop appropriate  personality traits that would enhance their career maturity.

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