Strategies in Teaching Listening, and Language Learning

By Dr Vincent Uguma & Dr Gladys Ukume


The essence of teaching is to impart knowledge to learners at whatever level the  teacher is engaged in. This purpose cannot be successfully achieved if the teacher does  not employ the appropriate strategy in this process of making the learners change their  behaviour due to exposure to what the teacher wants them to learn. Language refers  to a communication system. It is either spoken or written as agreed upon by members  of the speech community. In the formal setting, it is taught; in the informal setting, it  is acquired. If taught, the learners grasp the art of speaking through listening to the  teacher. The success of the teaching, to a far extent, depends on the ability of the  teacher to adopt the right approach to teaching. Three of these approaches are bottom up, top-down, and interactive teaching strategies or approaches. This paper therefore  explores the concept of teaching and how these three strategies could help listeners  (learners) in coming to terms with what the teacher is teaching. It draws a conclusion  that the three approaches are essential in teaching listening. It also recommends that  language teachers should utilize these strategies for effective teaching/learning of  listening comprehension in schools.

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