Social Studies Education: A Tool for National Development in Nigeria

Unimna Fidelis Abunimye.Ph.D and Ohanyere, Christopher C.


This paper focuses on Social Studies Education as a tool for Nigeria national development. The paper x-rays the concept and nature of Social Studies, development of Social Studies in Nigeria and the concept of national development. It further examines the characteristics of Social Studies; Objectives of Social Studies; factors militating against national development as well as the contribution of Social Studies Education to national development in Nigeria which include, the inculcation of national consciousness, societal core values, fostering of national integration, awareness creation, political participation, development of critical thinking skills, respect for human dignity and development of moral values. Social Studies Education as a value-laden course of instruction helps to instill in the learner(s) the desired knowledge and skills required to achieve national educational aims and objectives which in turn metamorphose into national development.

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