Changing paradigms to shape the future of environmentalism in Africa

Dr. Benjamin A. Ambe & Prof. Ajayi. C. Omoogun


This paper set out to access the state of environmental advocacy and action the world over and looked at how environmentalism has metamorphosed through the years and has now become domiciled in United Nations Agencies. It looked at the various forms of the concept and later zeroed in on the various conventions and treaties that have been set up to advance the course of environmentalism. The paper posits that despite the myriad of these conventions, treaties and protocols, the basic ingredient of environmentalism is still lacking especially in Africa; the ingredient of “Environmental Education”. The paper recommends among others that for African Nations to fully embrace Environmentalism as a philosophy and action, a new paradigm should be adopted where stakeholders would be encouraged to adopt a bottom–top approach to environmental issues where the locals of Africa would be actively involved in environmental awareness, conservation, protection and remediation programmes and Environmental Education as a school subject should be taught in schools so as to groom the young ones from the beginning of their careers to see the environment as a partner in the development of the society.

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