Lack of Intimacy and Poor Attitude as Marital Dysfunction Risk- Factors among Married Public Servants in Anambra State

Dr Juliana Azuka Akuezuilo & Uju Christiana Nwanna


Marital dysfunction has been a global issue which has given many people concern. This study thus examined lack of intimacy and poor attitude as a marital dysfunction risk factor among public servants in Anambra State. The study was conducted in Anambra State of Nigeria using descriptive survey design. Sample of 814 public servants was drawn from a population of 8,129 public servants using proportionate stratified random sampling technique. Two research questions guided the study. A validated instrument titled Marital Dysfunction Risk Factors Inventory (MDRI) was used to collect data. Cronbach Alpha statistics was employed to obtain the internal consistency of the instrument. The values obtained from the clusters are 0.89 and 0.86. Range of scores was used to answer the research questions. The result from the analysis showed that lack of intimacy and poor attitude are marital dysfunction risk factor of public servants in Anambra State. Based on the findings, recommendations were made which include that marriage counsellors should carryout enlightenment programmes for public servants on marital dysfunction risk factors. They should also organize workshops where they will help the public servants to understand the adverse eects of attitude that contributes to dysfunctional marriages. Keywords

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