Adolescents’ Drug Abuse and Cultism in Nigeria: The Way Out

Dr Melvina N. Amalu, Margaret E. Oyo-Ita & Matilda E. Eteng


The future of reasonable number of potential youths who could have been good leaders of their families have been destroyed by drug abuse and cultism which are two negative elements that complement each other. The adolescents are vulnerable to a lot of influences as a result of their mental, psychological and physical disposition and as such are easily lured into both positive and negative activities. The paper examined the concept of adolescent, drug abuse and cultism. It also explored the determinants of drug use and abuse, evolution of cultism in Nigeria, effect of drug abuse and cultism on behaviour. It also suggested among others that adolescents should be properly guided through guidance and counselling by the school counsellors, and closely watched and assisted by guardians and parents.

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