Enhancing Corrupt-Free and Secured Nation through Value Reorientation Counselling

Dr Yunusa Abejide Jimoh, Ibrahim Joji & Dr Jibril T. Abdulkadir


Corruption and insecurity are global phenomena which have caused havoc to many countries of the world, especially developing countries such as Nigeria. The corrupt practices and insecurity in Nigeria have been institutionalized and taken a dreadful dimension that not only requires a wholesome approach, but also call for reorientation of national values. In Nigeria today, the vast corrupt practices have resulted in the loss of the capacity to function, and insecurity has destabilized the entire national development process. This paper argues that the main factor of heightened corruption and insecurity in Nigeria is neglect of national values. The high rate of violence and bloodshed as ways of expressing bitterness and dissatisfaction with government and corrupt behaviours of the generality of people in government may be an indication of neglect of national values thereby necessitating value reorientation for enhancing corrupt-free and secured nation. With value reorientation, the problems of corruption and insecurity will be minimized, if not eliminated in Nigeria. Among others, the researchers therefore, recommend the need for urgent national values reorientation to eliminate corrupt practices and insecurity challenges.

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