Instructional Systems Technology for Teaching and Learning Environmental Education

Dr Benjamin A. Ambe, Dr Udumo Bassey Obeten & Dr Eneyo Eyo Okon


This paper set out to investigate instructional systems technology for teaching and learning Environmental Education (EE). The researchers lamented the lack or dearth of use of instructional systems/media technology by teachers in Environmental Education classes, the seemingly slow pace of dissemination of Environmental Education knowledge across the globe despite the over forty years since the first conference on Environmental Education held.  The library survey approach was adopted to obtain literature. Computers, the internet, CD-ROM, intranet and other software, television, radio, video, multimedia projectors, cameras, electronic whiteboards were all identified as instructional media for EE lessons while cooperative learning, games, simulations, programmed instructions, broadcast course, web-based instructions, teleconferencing, video conferencing were identified as instructional systems suitable for Environmental Education lessons. It was recommended, among others, that teacher education curricula should be reformatted to make EE topics compulsory for all teacher training programmes, and such topics should be taught using instructional systems technology; and that UNESCO and UNEP should consider making Environmental Education a school subject of its own to deepen the process of teaching and learning EE.

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