Counselling: An Irrefutable Factor in Achieving Successful Andragogy and Pedagogy

Victor Akinsanya Idowu, Zipporah Olufemi Egunjobi & Gafar Oluwatoyin Kasali


Achievement of learning by learners and students demands systematic approaches that will present the learning contents in a sequential order for easy assimilation and retention.  In addition, such approaches should be garnished with robust counselling intervention sessions to prepare and guide the learners and students towards achieving expected learning outcome. To this end, the discourse places premium on counselling and its roles in achieving successful andragogy and pedagogy. For better understanding, the paper discusses counselling, andragogy and pedagogy under conceptual clarifications and analyzes the need for counselling among adult learners and students.  The paper further discusses the place of counselling in andragogy and pedagogy. Based on the conclusion of the paper, it was recommended among others that like the government owned secondary schools, all adult literacy centres, whether public or privately owned, should endeavour to enrol the services of qualified and competent counsellors to provide quality counselling services for learners and students. This will to a large extent help to complement and facilitate the delivery of instruction that employs andragogy and pedagogy approaches to teaching and learning.

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