Ethnomathematics: The Crux of Psychology of School Mathematics

By Dr Emmanuel Edoho & Onun Okoi Ibiang


This paper considers the field of enquiry called ethnomathematics and its psychological roles in the teaching of school mathematics within the school setting. This is because mathematics has become an issue of concern in the educational system today. These roles are considered under the following headings: fraction as life puzzle, Artisans and use of mathematics, Petty trading arithmetic, Effective citizenship and mathematics, Mathematics in the service of science and social science, Teaching of similarity and congruency, Landforms and ethnomathematics and school mathematics. To improve in the teaching and learning of mathematics, teachers and students need to understand the cultural diversity in the classroom setting and be able to apply it to solve mathematical problems in order to curb the Eurocentric problem posed by the western culture. This is very possible because man is a cultural and social being and finds activities involving his or her culture very interesting and less tasking.

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