The Menace of Cultism and Moral Development of Students in the University of Benin: Implications for Behavioural Counselling

By Dr (Mrs) Comfort Lawani


This study sought to unravel the nexus between the menace of cultism and moral development of students in the University of Benin, with its corresponding implications for behavioural counselling. A sample of two hundred and fifty two (252) undergraduates was selected from the six faculties in the University of Benin through stratified random sampling techniques. The data collected through the questionnaire were subjected to analysis using the chi-square statistical technique. Analysis revealed that secret cult activities affect the moral development of male and female undergraduate students, that perception of 100 level students is not different from that of 400 level students on the relationship between secret cult activities and moral development, among others. Based on these findings, the researcher draws a caveat and recommends that there should be extensive functional counselling units in all the faculties and hostels of students in the University of Benin.

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