Attitude of Secondary School Students towards the Use of Internet in Learning: A case of selected secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo State

By Dr Janet Ogba & Dr M. O. Omozuwa


The internet is one technology that is fast becoming a household necessity. It is a  global system that connects several computers and enables them share information  from various aspects of life. This study investigated the attitude of secondary school  students toward using the internet for learning. 300 respondents were selected from  six public secondary schools in Ibadan using a multistage sampling procedure. The  instrument “Tendency Towards Internet” was adapted and used to elicit information  about the attitude of students toward using the internet for learning. Two null  hypotheses were tested with the t-test statistical procedure. Findings of the study  indicated that there is no significant difference in the attitude of students toward the  use of internet in learning on the basis of gender, and that a significant difference  exists in the attitude of students towards the use of internet for learning on the basis of  subject discipline. It was also established that the attitude of students toward the use  of internet is positive. Based on the findings, recommendations were made which  include the need for government to provide internet facilities in secondary schools in  order to make it accessible to the students.

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