Educational Assessment in a Digital Era and Future Workforce in Nigeria

By Dr Osakuade Joseph Oluwatayo


Education is very indispensable to the socio-cultural and technological advancement  of any nation because it serves as pre-requisite for quality manpower development.  Educational assessment is also very essential for quality and functional education.  Automation of educational assessment makes it more authentic to produce quality  manpower. To thrive well in the digital era, future workforce needs to be competent in  some skills. The driver of these skills is Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Integration of ICT into assessment practices for the development of 21st century  skills in Nigeria is still riddled with some challenges and not satisfactory enough.  Production of competent and quality future workforce therefore in Nigeria could still  be a mirage. This paper therefore reflects on the trends of educational assessment, 21st century skills needed by students and future workers to survive in a digital economy,  challenges of educational assessment in a digital era and automation of educational  assessment practice and future of workforce in Nigeria. To guarantee quality, credible  and competent future workforce in Nigeria, it was recommended, among others, that  schools should be equipped with computers and internet facilities for the use of  teachers and students.

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