Effects of Educational Cost Analysis on Emotional Intelligence of University Students in Knowledge Management

By Dr Ekpenyong Ekanem & Nse N. Ukpong


This study investigated educational cost analysis and its effects on emotional  intelligence of university students in knowledge management. The research was a true  experimental study with pre-test post-test control group design aimed at raising the  awareness of university students’ level of emotional intelligence demands from the  educational cost analysis technique in knowledge managerial context. The population  included 250 educational management post graduate students of 2016/2017 session in  the two public universities in Cross River State, Nigeria. A purposive sampling  technique was used to select 120 subjects from the universities and randomly assigned  to treatment and control groups. The instrument designated ‘Scale of Educational Cost  Analysis on Emotional Intelligence (SECAOEI)’ was used to collect data for the study.  The instrument was validated and had a reliability coefficient of 0.854. Arithmetic  mean scores were used to answer research questions while analysis of co-variance  (ANCOVA) was used in testing the hypotheses. The result indicated that educational  cost analysis was an effective technique in enhancing emotional intelligence. Based  on the findings, it was recommended among others that university educational  managers should pay special attention to educational cost analysis technique as sine qua-non for enhancing students’ emotional intelligence in knowledge management.

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