Family socialization role and healing of Nigeria’s ills 

By Mrs Evelyn Ijeoma Orji


 There seems to be so much apprehension among researchers, psychologists, political analyst, counsellors and other concerned citizens of Nigeria about the deteriorating ill condition of the country. There are uncountable crises bickering in every nook and cranny of the Nigerian economy which perceivably are responsible for the ills experienced in Nigeria’s social, economic and political environment. These ills include insecurity, poverty, corruption and development challenges facing the educational sector. Over the years, several interventions by government towards healing the nation of these ills have proved ineffective. Unfortunately too, each intervention seems to open up avenues for corrupt individuals to impoverish the economy the more hence the ills persist. Through careful analysis of incidences and reports of some researchers, this article identified family socialization role as a gap in intervention and thus the needed remedy to engender the process of healing of Nigeria’s ills. This article suggested that family socialization roles like parental love and concern, parenting rearing style, parental disciplinary practice and parental marital stability, are the needed remedies to heal Nigeria of these ills.

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