Managerial Strategies for Quality Management of Child Friendly Schools Model in Abia State

By Dr. Cecilia A. Ekemezie, Agama Matthew Adoga & Nnaemeka Chinedu Ekemezie


This study was designed to determine the managerial strategies for quality  management of Child Friendly Schools Model in Abia State. It used a survey design  that made use of eight hundred and fifty-five (855) school heads in all the seventeen  (17) Local Government Areas in Abia State. Proportionate stratified simple random  sampling technique was used to get a sample of seven hundred headteachers (700),  200 from urban while 500 were from rural areas. The study was guided by 3 research  questions and one hypothesis that was tested at 0.05 level of significance. A questionnaire named “Managerial Strategies for Quality Management of Child  Friendly Schools Questionnaire (MSQMCFSQ)” was used for data collection. It was  a 42-item researchers-developed questionnaire. The items were validated by experts  while reliability of the instrument was determined using Cronbach Alpha Statistics, and reliability co-efficient of 0.74 attested to the reliability of the instrument. Mean  was used in answering research questions while z-test statistics was used in testing the  hypothesis. The result revealed the following as managerial strategies: adequate  supervision of instruction, proper assigning of duties to teachers etc. It was  recommended, among others, that Ministry of Education should strengthen the  monitoring and supervisory service of the unit.

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