Sex Differential and Students’ Academic Performance in Mathematics in Sapele Local Government of Delta State, Nigeria

By Dr Fegha Evelyn Ilogho


The study sought to identify sex differences in the academic performance of students  in mathematics. The study was guided by three research questions and two hypotheses.  The population consists of both male and female students and teachers of mathematics.  A sample size of 360 was randomly selected from Sapele Local Government Area of  Delta State. A fifty (50) multiple choice items of Mathematics Achievement Test (MAT)  was adapted to get information on academic performance. The data were analysed  using descriptive and inferential statistics of t-test; the hypotheses were tested at 0.05  level of significance. The study revealed poor performance in mathematics, that boys  perform better than girls, and that there was significant difference in the performance  of male and female students in mathematics. Again the study showed that there was no  significant difference between male and female teachers and academic performance  of students in mathematics. Based on the findings, it was recommended that there  should be improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics and government  should provide adequate funds for the mathematics teachers to undergo in-service  training to enhance teaching in the school thus improving the academic performance  of students.

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