Teaching Personnel Management and Attitude to Work in Secondary Schools of Calabar Education Zone of Cross River state, Nigeria

By Dr F. O. Arop, Valentine J. Owan & Dr J. N. Agunwa


This study assessed teaching personnel management and attitude to work in secondary  schools of Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria. Two null hypotheses  offered direction to the study using an Ex-post facto research design. The population  of this study comprised all the public secondary school teachers in Calabar Education  zone of Cross River State. Purposive sampling technique was employed in selecting a  sample of 1,181 teachers. “Teaching Personnel Management and Attitude to Work  Questionnaire (TPMAWQ)”, with Split-half reliability estimates of .83, .87, .93, and  .84, was used as an instrument for data collection. Independent t-test and multiple  regression analyses were used in testing the null hypotheses at .05 alpha level. The  findings of the study revealed amidst others that there is a significant composite influence (F = 279.438, p<.05) of teachers’ training, placement and supervision on  their attitudes to work. Teachers’ training was the highest predictor of their attitudes  to work (t = 20.727, β = .490), followed by placement (t = 10.294, β = .241), and  supervision (t= 7.171, β = .164). It was recommended among others that teachers  should be properly trained on the principles, concepts, and methods of teaching before  and during service.

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