Utilization of e-accounting Systems by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State

By Adenike Seyi Odewumi & Dashe Awoena Felix


This study attempted to determine strategies to be adopted in implementing e accounting usage by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Pankshin Local  Government Area of Plateau State. A survey research design was adopted to sample  41 SMEs using a non-probability sampling technique. The instrument used for data  collection was an adapted structured questionnaire. Results of the study indicated a  wide acceptability of benefits of e-accounting by the respondents with a grand mean  of 3.41 and standard deviation of 0.50 in all items measured. Moreso, the respondents  agreed to facing challenges in deploring the programme for ease of their business  transactions with a grand mean of 3.64. Consequently, respondents agreed to the  suggested ways of improving the use of e-accounting with a mean of 3.85. It was then  recommended, among others, that Government should ensure that there is adequate  power supply in Pankshin community, and embark on sensitization and training  programmes for SMEs’ entrepreneurs in e-accounting procedures.

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