Women Participation in NGOs’ Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Cross River State, Nigeria

By Dr Agnes I. Ulayi & Dr Sunday David Edinyang


This study investigated the relationship between women participation in Non Governmental Organizations’ (NGOs) environmental awareness and sustainable  agricultural practices in Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of this  study, a null hypothesis was formulated and tested at .05 level of significance.  Literature review was carried out according to the variable of the study. Correlation  research design was adopted for the study. A sample of three hundred and forty-seven  (347) respondents was randomly selected for the study. The selection was done  through the stratified and simple random sampling technique. An instrument tag:  Women Participation in NGOs Environmental Awareness and Sustainable  Agricultural Practices Questionnaire (WPNGOEASAPQ) was the main instrument  used for data collection. The instrument was faced validated by experts in  Measurement and Evaluation and the reliability estimate of the instrument was  established through the Cronbach’s coefficient alpha reliability method. Pearson  product moment correlation analysis was employed to test the hypothesis. The result  of the analysis revealed that women’s participation in NGOs’ environmental  awareness significantly relate with sustainable agricultural practices. Based on the  findings of the study, it was recommended that women in NGOs should be directly  involved in agricultural practices that are sustainable and environmental friendly.

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