Effects of Priming and modelling strategies in enhancing emotional intelligence of secondary school students of Imo state, Nigeria

By Prof Benedicta I. Nnodum, Dr Oliver N. Amaechi & Dr Christina N. Onubuogu


Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to be aware of and manage his and others’ emotions for his own good and for the welfare of others. The unacceptable situation of things in the schools as far as interpersonal relationship is concerned is manifested in the school environments where students display arrogance, lack of interest in studies, fighting, bullying, etc. The aim of the researchers was to ascertain if the use of priming and modelling as teaching strategies can be effective in the enhancement of secondary school students’ emotional intelligence as a means to solving the above problem. It is a quasi experimental work. The treatment groups were pretested, treated and post-tested, while the control group was given placebo treatment. The research questions were answered using the mean, while t-test statistical tool was used to analyze the hypotheses. Findings revealed that priming method was more effective than the modelling method. Suggestions were made for a better use of priming and modelling strategies for enhancement of emotional intelligence as well as achievement of the objectives in the teaching and learning process.

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