Facilitating  Learning in  a  Globalized World

By Dr Blessing Agbo Ntamu


Learning, like all psychological constructs, has no universally accepted definition. It is however, not in doubt that learning is a key determinant of behaviour. The level and quality of literacy of a nation’s citizens seem to relate one way or the other with the level of development of the nation. It is for this reason, that the process of learning, the nature of learning and the content of learning is the concern of the state. For learning to be productive and to meet the needs of the society it must be structured and facilitated. The role of facilitating learning has changed significantly due to global changes. The thrust of this article is to examine the role of the teacher in the learning process and how it has changed over time and to outline what facilitating learning should be in a globalized world. The topic will be dealt with under the following subheadings: concept of learning, the concept of globalization, the 20th versus the 21st century teacher, facilitating learning in a globalized world, teaching objectives, teaching methods, curriculum, motivation, reinforcement, guidance and supervision.

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