Psychology of Loneliness and Isolation in Old Age: A Review of Illiterate Old Women in Yoruba Communities

By Dr Beatrice O. Ajidahun


¬†Old age is one of the developmental stages that everyone wishes to reach in life. It is a period that reflects how one’s early life has been spent. The cause and effect of developmental growth may result to happiness or regret. Illiterate old women are the focus of this paper. Their inability to be exposed to formal education seems to have been responsible for some of the stress they pass through in life. Loneliness has been identified as the psychological problem of the aged. These old women feel lonely and isolated; sometimes because of the experiences of life they had passed through in the past. Some have suffered maltreatment in their marriages, abandoned by their children and family members. Poverty, losses, and depression have been identified to be the cause of loneliness and isolated life. Passing through old age successfully requires strong social support from family and friends. Old people should be encouraged to belong to social group where their psychological, spiritual and financial needs would be met.

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