Relationship among Academic Stress, Depression and Mental Health of Final Year Students of Tertiary Institutions in Sokoto Metropolis

By Prof. Malami Umar Tambawal & Buah Terungwa Solomon


 This study examined the relationship among academic stress, depression and mental health of final year students of tertiary institutions in Sokoto metropolis. Three research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. The population of the study was 12,294 students while 378 students were selected as the sample. Three set of instruments were used for data collection: Adopted Version of Student Academic Stress Scale (SASS) to measure academic stress, adopted version of Students’ Depression Inventory (SDI) to measure students’ depression and adapted version of Mental Health Inventory (MHI) to measure mental health. The results of the findings showed that there was significant relationship between academic stress and mental health of final year students. It was also found, among other findings, that there is significant relationship between depression experienced by final year students in tertiary institutions in Sokoto metropolis and their mental health. Based on the findings, recommendations were made including the need for students to be taught effectively the coping strategies and techniques that could help them handle or reduce depression related issues. Such strategies and techniques include reflexology, massage, exercise, deep breathing, take a vacation in your mind etc.

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