Staff  Motivation  as  Correlate  of  Work  Adjustment  of  Lecturers  in Colleges of  Education in Edo and Delta States

By Dr Gloria Esiekpe Osagie-Obazee & Prof. Azuka Grace Alutu


Through survey design, this study investigated staff motivation as correlate of work adjustment of lecturers in Colleges of Education in Edo and Delta States. The population was made up of five hundred and sixty-two (562) out of which a sample of 350 respondents was selected for the study through multistage sampling technique. Data were collected using a questionnaire titled Lecturer Work Adjustment Questionnaire validated by experts in psychological testing. Four research questions were raised and four hypotheses formulated were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Hypothesis one was tested with Pearson Moment Correlation Statistics while hypothesis two to four were tested with Fisher’s Z Statistics. The study revealed that motivation was significantly related to work adjustment of lecturers. Sex, age and work experience do not relate significantly with work adjustment of lecturers. The study recommends that government and college management should ensure that variables of motivation are adequately provided in the colleges to enable lecturers adjust to their work.

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