Impact of Instructional Technology Equipment on Teaching and Learning of Physics at Senior Secondary School (SSS) in Bauchi State, Nigeria

By Dr Ibrahim Bello, Dahiru Dahuwa & Bappah Alkali


This study sought to establish the impacts of instructional technologies equipment  (Smart and Flannel boards) on effective teaching and learning of physics at  Secondary Schools. It was guided by two research questions and two hypotheses. The  population of the study is 120 physics students and a sample of 60 students was used.  The researchers employed experimental research design, grouping the sample into  three (3) groups of 20 students each, and with equal gender distribution. Two of the  three groups were experimental groups while the other one was control group. The  experimental groups 1 and 2 were taught using Instructional Technology Equipment  (ITE) while the control group was taught using the conventional method for three (3)  weeks. The instrument used for data collection was Physics Achievement Test (PAT);  pre-test and post-test were administered before and after instruction respectively.  The scores obtained were analyzed using mean scores and t–test. The results  revealed that ITE had positive impacts on learning of physics. The students taught  using ITE were found to perform significantly better than those taught using  conventional method. Recommendations were made that physics teachers should be  professionally trained on how to utilize ITE for their lessons, among others\

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