Incarceration and Ex-Convict Status from Islamic Perspective: The Story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) A. S

By Muhammad Sani Umar Kulumbu


A universal penal principle provided that from the beginning of prisoner’s sentence, consideration should be given to his future release to at least maintain his social relations with people outside the prison institution. A successful social integration implies efforts of providing counselling services in terms of social, psychological, legal and vocational training assistance to inmates. The paper examined the story of Yusuf (Joseph) as narrated in the Holy Scripture, Qur’an chapter 12 with a view to find out lessons to be learned and use in the present day counselling service. Prophet Yusuf was incarcerated in many stages of his lifespan. He was psychologically incarcerated right from his dreaming to throwing into well and later to real imprisonment as a convict. Prophet Yusuf (AS) as a role model from his imprisonment sentence up to his freedom and becoming the highest among the ranks in Egypt land. Recommendations were made on how to socially integrate the present day ex-convicts from Islamic viewpoint. The measures outlined would create room for inclusion of these people into the society to avoid social exclusion such as stigma and above all becoming vulnerable in the family, group, community, society and country at large.

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