Influence of Television Viewing on Pupils’ Socialization in some Selected Private Schools in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

By Dr Comfort Kwatamdia Olamide & Pogu Mbitahson Yaga


This study sought to explore the influence of television viewing on secondary school pupils’ socialization in Maiduguri metropolis. The descriptive survey research design was adopted in the study. Four research questions guided the study. The population consisted of 1,850 pupils in private schools within Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State. The sample of the study consisted of 180 pupils drawn through the purposive sampling technique from Namu, Ruby and Capital Private Schools in Maiduguri Metropolis. The instrument used for the study was questionnaire validated by three experts from Educational Psychology Department, School of Education, UIIECEST Bama. Data collected was analyzed using mean score. The findings revealed that television viewing has effects on pupils’ interpersonal relationship, discipline and aggression. Also television viewing promotes creativity in pupils; it was thus concluded that television viewing has both negative and positive effects on pupils’ socialization. Some of the recommendations made for the study include, that pupils should be encouraged to view educational and informational programmes, and that parents and teachers should regulate what pupils view and the time they spend on viewing television.

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