Relationship between Parental Influence and Choice of Career among Senior Secondary School Students in Sokoto Metropolis

By Terungwa Solomon Buah, Fatai Mustapha & Issa Gaata Abdullahi


This study was designed to examine the relationship between parental influence and  choice of career among senior secondary school students in Sokoto metropolis.  Three research questions and three research hypotheses guided the study. The  population of the study was six thousand and eighty-eight (6,088) students while  three hundred and forty-six (346) students were selected as sample size. Three sets  of validated instruments were used for collecting data: Adopted version of Bakare  (1980) Motivation for Occupational Preference Scale (MOPS), adopted version of  Adegoke (1987) Parental Socio-economic Status Questionnaire (PSESQ) to measure  Socio-economic Status, and Parental Influence Questionnaire (PIQ). The results of  the Pearson product moment correlation shows that there is significant relationship  between parental influence and choice of career among senior secondary school  students, while socio-economic status and choice of career among senior secondary  school students were positively related but not significant. Based on the findings,  recommendations were made which include that parents should encourage their  wards to choose careers that are compatible with their personal interest and  capabilities.

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