Sources of Sexuality and Reproductive Health Information among Kaduna State Secondary School Adolescents

By Dr Hadiza Ahmed Tukur


The study was conducted to assess adolescents’ sources of Sexuality and  Reproductive Health (SRH) information. 380 adolescents, 400 teachers and 399  parents of adolescents were randomly selected from nine secondary schools in  Kaduna State to serve as sample of the study. Three research questions guided the  study. One structured questionnaire titled “Adolescents’ Sources of Sexuality and  Reproductive Health Information Questionnaire (ASSRHIQ),” which was validated  and had a reliability coefficient of 0.87, served as the research instrument. Survey  design was used for the study and data collected were computed using descriptive  statistics. The following results were obtained from the analyzed data: Adolescents’  actual source of SRH information was the media (39%); preferred source was the  school (36%); Parents’ and Teachers’ perceived adolescents’ sources of SRH  information were the media (29%) and (40%) respectively; preferred source for  parents was the school (39%); teachers preferred parents and school (45% each).  Based on the findings, it was recommended that school management should ensure  that all adolescents get SRH information from teachers who are well trained and  also ensure continuous clarification as to what SRH education is and why it is  necessary to teach it through parenting education.

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