Correlational study of Inclusive Education, Entrepreneurship and National Development

By Dr Dominic E. Wonah & Dr C. A. Beshel


National development is a drive that involves all citizenry of a nation, and education is needed for this drive to become realistic. White collar jobs are difficult to come by now, for this reason, graduates are encouraged to embark on entrepreneurship as partners in progress. Much emphasis in this millennium is on how to become enterprising because mere university certificate is no longer a drive to achieve development. However, the National Policy on Education sees education as an instrument needed for national development and for positive change. In this regard, this research is aimed at identifying the relationship between inclusive and entrepreneurship education and national development. The participants were graduates of the federal and state universities in Cross River State who embraced entrepreneurship. The instrument used was a questionnaire. The study adopted the correlational research design. One hundred and eighty (180) graduates were sampled for the study. One hundred and seventy two (172) returned their questionnaire. The study was guided by two research questions and two hypotheses. The test statistics used for data analysis was the Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The result of the analysis showed that inclusive education influenced national development. It is recommended that universities should emphasize on skill acquisition.

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