Influence of Personality Traits and Communication Styles on Marital Satisfaction of Couples in Lagos State, Nigeria

By Fowowe Praise, ThankGod Ocheho, Blessing Ebunlomo Alao, Ben-Ekechukuwu Nnenne, Aameenah Yunus-Ali & Ogochukwu E. Nwosu


Personality traits and communication styles can be used to predict an individual’s behaviors in different life situations, including marital satisfaction. This present study examined influence of personality traits and communication styles on marital satisfaction of couples in Lagos state, Nigeria. The study utilized a correlational survey design. 245 couples were purposively sampled using a non-probability sampling method. Instruments used for the study include the Short Big Five Inventory (r = 0.83), Couples Communication Styles Scale (r = 0.70) and Relationship Assessment Scale (r = 0.78). Results show that personality traits are not related to marital satisfaction while couples’ communication styles are related to marital satisfaction. Also, it was discovered that none of the variables (sex, religion and years in marriage) has any significant influence on marital satisfaction. Further research is recommended to extensively study the variables.

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