Libraries as Dynamic Tools for Social Justice in Nigeria

By Prof Clement Olujide Ajidahun


This paper focuses on libraries as dynamic tools for social justice in the society. The paper examines the contributions of information to national development, and it also emphasizes the need for libraries and information centres to make information accessible to the community to enable the public make informed decisions. The paper also provides a theoretical conceptualization of social justice and discusses its ideals such as egalitarianism, balance of power, social advocacy and public service.  The paper highlights the common psycho-social problems such as violence, sexuality, crime, detention without trial, prison congestion, child abuse, mental health, poverty, rape, gender issues and so on, bedeviling the African society and the need for libraries to champion the crusade towards their eradication. The paper deals extensively with how libraries can be involved in community services to showcase the ideals of social justice through the creation of awareness and enlightenment services to the community using the internet, print and electronic media, through the acquisition of relevant materials that address social justice, through sponsorship of seminars, debates and symposia on social issues. The paper concludes with useful recommendations that can enhance and support libraries as tools for social justice in Nigeria.

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