Curbing Fuel Wood Crises in Nigeria: The Role of Environmental Adult Education

Anthony, Godwin Bullem Ph.D and Ulaye Agnes Ingiagar


Fuel wood crisis has become a topical issue in the world agenda. As the world population increases fuel wood energy consumption also increases thereby resulting to its shortage. This ugly situation calls for serious concern of all stakeholders. This paper examined the extent to which environmental adult education could help in curbing the problems associated with fuel wood crisis in Nigeria. To achieve the above goal, the paper looked at the concepts fuel wood crisis and environmental adult education. It x-rays the benefit of fuel wood energy to man and the environment. The paper also examined factors responsible for fuel wood crisis and its effects on the environment. It further examined the role of environmental adult education in solving the problem of fuel wood crisis and a conclusion was drawn. The paper recommended among others that the government and non-governmental organizations should do everything possible at their disposal to encourage all the adult citizens to be environmentally literate to enable them understand the consequences of fuel wood crisis to man and the environment.

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