Determinants of Rural Settlement Patterns and Impacts on the Environment of Some Settlements in Cross River State, Nigeria

Benjamin Ayua Ambe, Mrs. Mary J. Imoke, and Dr. Demitrus Oba


This paper essayed to investigate determinants of rural settlement patterns and their impacts on the environment of some communities of Cross River State, Nigeria. Two research hypotheses were formulated and tested for the study. Data were obtained using a simple community member’s checklist and responded to by 400 subjects drawn from the population using stratified and purposive sampling techniques. Data obtained were tested using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results obtained showed that; natural, social and economic factors are significant determinants of rural settlement patterns in the study area and these indices of rural settlements determinants significantly influence the effects of settlements on rural environment of communities of Cross River State. It was recommended among others that government should provide alternative sources of livelihoods, and social amenities to communities so as to discourage community members from direct use of natural resources; encourage nucleation and urbanization rather than allowing each individual pursue personal rural settlement possibilities which will result to scattering or dispersal of settlements and the overall impacts over widespread rural environments that could otherwise be conserved.

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