Evaluation of Marketing Potentials of Lakes as Ecotourism Assets in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr. Demitrus Okim Oba; Rebecca Abang and Dr. Benjamin Ambe


This paper examined the marketing potentials of ecotourism in Cross River State, Nigeria.  Data for the study was generated from the field through questionnaire administration, field  observation, interviews and the global positioning system (GPS). The information gathered  was analysed using the one-way ANOVA, the result revealed a significant F-value of 1.92.  This value at .05 alpha level with 13, and 34 degree of freedom was found to be greater  than the critical F-value of 1.54. The null hypothesis is therefore rejected, that there is a  significant difference in the level of marketing of lakes with infrastructure as ecotourism  asset. The global positioning system (GPS) was used to ascertain the size of the studied  lakes through the use of a boat. The information gotten was analyzed with the use of GIS  and the size and depth of the lakes were obtained and processed. The study recommended  that tourism stakeholders should show more interest in the development of lake resources  to boost tourism development in the state; that the infrastructure around lakes are a cardinal  factor in marketing, and should be enhanced to increase the marketability of lakes as  ecotourism assets.

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