Perception of Climate Change Among Secondary School Teachers in Calabar South and its Implication for Planning Environmental Education Curriculum

Dr. Egbonyi, Etuki Eborty, Dr. Orim R. Ekonesi and Mrs. Mary J. Imoke


The work analyzed perception of climate change among secondary school teachers in Calabar South and its implication for planning Environmental Education curriculum. The survey research design was adopted for this study. The purposive sampling technique was used to involve all the 51 English language and the 29 Mathematics teachers in Calabar South Secondary Schools, making a total of 80 teachers sampled for the study. Two research questions were formulated, which were transformed into two hypotheses. Independent t-test statistical tool was used to analyzed the data. The results indicated that there was no significant difference between English language and mathematics teachers in their perception of climate change. Calabar South English language and Mathematics teachers are aware of changes in climate conditions. It was therefore recommended among others that teacher’s awareness of climate change be articulated and blended with Environmental Education teaching.

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