Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): The Nigeria Perspective

Ukanga, Idorenyin Patrick & Ashiwere, Isaac Obogo


This paper is aimed at addressing the problems of underdevelopment in Nigeria, harnessing education as a tool. Specifically, this paper employs expository method to x-ray how education can be utilized to bring about sustainable development. In this paper, the researchers first made attempts to discuss the three elements of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The second part of this paper dwell’s on the pedagogical approach to ESD, value, peace and human rights education as means to driving sustainable development. The later part of this paper considers the roles of Education in Sustainable Development (ESD), a major tool for both developed and developing countries. Conclusions are drawn from this paper where it shows that there exists high positive relationship between education and sustainable development. This paper through recommendations encourage the promotion of all forms of education ranging from casual, non-formal, informal and formal education if knowledge, attitudes and skills that will bring about wealth creation, poverty eradication and human development among others must be acquired. The paper also, encourages the promotion of peace, value and human rights education so as to reorient people on the need for peaceful co-existence.

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