Learning Styles and Academic Achievement in Chemistry among Senior Secondary Schools in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Joshua, Isaac Mfon


The study investigated students’ learning styles preferences and academic achievement in chemistry. Survey design was adopted for the study with the population of 450 Senior Secondary two (SS2) Chemistry students in Oruk Anam Educational Zone of Akwa Ibom State. Simple Random Sampling Technique was used to select 310 chemistry students as sample for the study. The data obtained were analyzed using Independent t-test and Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) techniques. The result of the findings revealed that there was no significant difference in the learning styles preferences among male and female students. Large proportion of the chemistry students were visual learners (68.7%) followed by auditory (18.1%) and kinesthetic learners (13.2%). There was statistically significant difference in academic achievement levels among secondary school students. Also there was weak or no correlation between academic achievement and learning styles preferences among male and female chemistry students. The study recommends that students need to understand their learning styles preferences and make use of such in order to develop meaningful and life-long learning.

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