Students’ Variables and their Academic Achievement in Technical Colleges in Mathematics, Ogoja Education Zone, Cross River State

Adie, Emmanuel Benimpuye, Anditung Peter Agbudu & Inah Lovina Idoko


The study examined the influence of students’ variables on theiracademic achievement in technical colleges in Mathematics in Ogoja Education zone, Cross River State. Three null hypotheses were generated to aid this work. The study employed a survey research design. Simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample of two hundred (200) SS3 students’ from a population of one thousand seven hundred and twenty students (1720) from ten (10) technical colleges within Ogoja Education zone. The instrument used for data collection were a valid twenty (20) items structured four point rating scale questionnaire on students’ variables with a reliability coefficient of 0.78, established through Cronbach Alpha and a twenty items self-made Mathematics Achievement Test for technical colleges students. Using independents t-test analysis, data collected was analyzed with the hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the study showed that positive attitude, students with interest, and high self-concept, significantly influence students’ academic achievement in the subject. It was concluded that students’ variables have significant influence on their academic achievement in Mathematics. On this note, it was recommended among others that parents and teachers should encourage their children to become interested in Mathematics by properly orienting them on the need to study as to perform well.

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