Adaptation of leisure/recreational activities for persons with disabilities (visual impairment)

Dr. (Mrs) Josephine. D. Nanwjan & Owojaiye Sunday Oni


This paper is on adaptation of leisure and recreational activities for person with disabilities. The paper explains that leisure\recreational activities play an important part in everyone’s life. The programmes should be provided to give opportunities for peer interaction in an appropriate social setting. The paper explained the importance of recreational activities for the maintenance of normal muscle strength, flexibility and joint structure to function well. The paper explained that there are alternative sports available for persons with disabilities among others Archery, Wheelchair Archery, Hiking, Hand-Pedaled Biking, ATV Trail Riding, and Horseback Riding. The paper identifies many types of sporting activities the persons with disabilities can do such as wheelchair basketball among others. The paper stated that, the important ways to improve the living conditions of person with disabilities is the creation of appropriate recreational areas and sport. Problems of sporting activities for persons with disabilities were identified such as unavailability of sport facilities. Recommendations were made among others that the government should facilitate inclusion and availability of sporting equipment. It was concluded that leisure /recreation be encouraged for everyone to take part in recreation because it helps to maintain balance for persons with disabilities.

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