Agricultural extension services and farmers’ climate change mitigation measures in Ikom Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria

Unimtiang, Unimke Sylvanus


The main purpose of this study was to examine agricultural extension services and farmers’ mitigation measures in I kom Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of this study, a null hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. A review of related literature was carried out based on the variables of this study. The survey research design was c onsidered useful for the study. A multistage sampling technique was adopted in selecting the wards and six hundred and fifty two (652) respondents used for the study. A fifteen item four point Likert scale questionnaire titled agricultural extension servic es and farmers’ climate change mitigation measures (AESFCCMM) was the instrument used for gathering data for the study. To test the hypotheses formulated for the study, simple linear regression statistical tools was used for data analysis. The hypothesis formulated was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The results from data analysis and hypothesis testing indicated that there was a significant influence of agricultural extension services on farmers’ climate change mitigation measures in the study area . Based on these finding it was recommended that the use of agricultural extension services in disseminating climate change information should be widely encouraged and utilized in helping farmers to continue to adopt sustainable climate change mitigation m easures.

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