Violence, environment and sustainable livelihood: focus on the herdsmen/farmers crisis in Nigeria

Ushie, Christiana Aloye; Ushie, Michael Anake & Egidi, Stephen Achuen


The possessive quest for the protection and preservation of farmland and cattle by both farmers and Fulani herdsmen remained a drive for violent conflicts in some parts of Nigeria. Therefore, the study anchored on violence, environment and sustainable livelihood: A focus on the herdsmen/farmers crises in Nigeria. The distrust of sharing common boundaries for farming and cattle rearing has engendered violence. Data for the study were primarily obtained from the secondary sources. The sources revealed that farmers/herders conflict is the bane of sustainable sources of livelihood of the farmers and the entire society. This has threatened the National Food Security and income generating sources to both parties, thereby creating acrimony and tension in the environment. However, it was recommended that government at all levels should establish and practice ranching system to avoid crop damage and destruction. It was further recommended among others that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) should sensitize both farmers and the herdsmen on the need for peaceful co-existence. Also, those whose source(s) of livelihood were destroyed should be compensated and rehabilitated.

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