Environmental awareness and Environmental attitudes among Secondary School Students in Ogoja Education Zone, CRS, Nigeria.

– Udumo, Bassey Obeten Ph.d. & Agiande Denis Ube PhD


 The purpose of this research work was to gather baseline data through a survey to document the existing level of environmental awareness or consciousness among secondary school students and their attitude towards well known environmental issues. Using the descriptive survey design, three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A sample size of 600 students was drawn from 34 public schools in the zone. Two researcher developed questionnaire titled student’s environmental awareness scale (SEAS) and student’s environmental awareness attitude scale (SEAS) were developed. Data gathered were analyzed using the independent t-test and r-test respectively. Findings revealed that students of both genders have a high level of awareness and positive attitudes towards the environment. Based on these f indings, it was recommended among others that both male and female students should be exposed to the same level of environmental awareness as this will grant them positive environmental attitudes.

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