Level of Environmental awareness in Tourism textbook for Junior Secondary Schools (Jss 1-3) in Cross River State, Nigeria

– Agbor , Comfort Nkongho & Oden, Sarah Nicholas


The purpose of this study was to analyze JSS1-3 Tourism textbook used for teaching environmental education in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS 1-3) in Cross River State, Nigeria to determine the level of environmental awareness found in it. The text Tourism Concepts for Junior Secondary Schools was selected purposely because it is used in teaching environmental education in public secondary schools in Cross River State, Nigeria. To this end, the levels of awareness were looked at under biotic, abiotic, social and neutral environments. Two research questions guided the study. Data collected from the book were calculated using simple percentage technique. The findings showed that, there was reflection of all the four levels of awareness but not in a desirable ratio. Emphasis was placed mostly on the abiotic and social environments. The study concluded that, the practice of encouraging or emphasizing only the biotic and social levels of awareness does not augur well for the proper creation of environmental awareness. The researchers expressed the need to identify every aspect of the different environments that agrees with the ethics of conservation of our environment.

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