The Impact of Acid Rain and the Changing Condition of Zinc Roofs: Implications for Environmental Education in Nigeria

– Ojong, Aganyi Asu, Dr . Usang Nkanu Onnoghen & Ekpenyong, V . O. Ph.D


Acid rain influences every single segments of environment. Acid rain likewise harms man-made materials and structures. Acid downpour is one of the most genuine natural issues developed because of air pollution, Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and oxides of nitrogen, and ozone are the essential drivers of acid downpour. These contaminations begin from human exercises, for example, ignition of burnable waste, petroleum products in warm force plants and cars. These constituents interface with reactants present in the climate and result into corrosive testimony because of the collaboration of these acids with different constituents of the air, protons are discharged causing increment in the dirt sharpness, bringing down of soil pH assembles and filters away supplement cations and expands accessibility of lethal overwhelming metals. Such changes in the dirt synthetic qualities lessen the dirt richness, which at last causes the negative effect on development and profitability of woodland trees and yield plants. Acid downpour has additionally been accounted for in other African nations. A precipitation of pH 3.5 was accounted for in Port Harcourt. The air contamination levels are consistently ascending in the metropolitan urban communities like Port Harcourt, Warri, Lagos. Acid rain issue in Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and southern beach front India has been anticipated to prompt barren soil. Acid rain makes the water bodies acidic. The creatures of land and water are likewise influenced by fermentation of water bodies. At low pH, numerous types of creatures of land and water including frogs, amphibians and lizard are especially touchy. Roundabout impact of acid rain on human wellbeing includes lethal substantial metals in light of the fact that these are freed from soil when soil gets fermented and causes wellbeing difficulties to people. The most widely recognized substantial metals are Al, Cd, Zn, Pb, Hg, Mn and Fe. These prepared contaminants are disintegrated in soil and water advance toward groundwater  that  is  tanked  by  people  and  defile  the  nourishment  (Fish,  meat,  and vegetables)  eaten  by  these  overwhelming  metals  get  gathered  in  the  body  and  came about into different medical issues like dry hacks, asthma, migraine, eye, nose and throat  disturbances. Acid  rain  issue  has  been  handled  somewhat  in  the  created  world by  lessening  the  emanation  of  the  gases  causing  acid  rain  and  the  multiplicity  effects on  zinc  roofs.

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