Career Awareness and Mentoring for Youth Integration in a Recessed Economy

Muhammad Sani Umar Kulumbu


Command aspect of communication is highly regarded as an important aspect to be considered in creating awareness. Hence, this paper attempts to advocate the use of effective language in creating awareness to youth through mentoring method. Unemployment of youth in Nigeria is greatly on alarming stage in this period of recession. Most schools supplied students with inadequate career orientation, awareness and information that could help in skill-oriented for vocational skills. The study examines the impact of career awareness, mentoring and vocational skills acquisition for youth integration in a depressed economy. The paper explains the concept of career awareness and mentoring, and highlights the importance of career awareness, mentoring and vocational skills, It also recommends proper use of language in imparting information and vocational skills to enrich educational policy makers for preparing youth to live in the new economic dispensation. Counselling service is also needed to mentor youth in both school and non-school settings through seminars, symposiums and conferences.

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