Current Innovations in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Schools

Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho, Ph.D; Esuong Uwase Uwase


Education is a veritable tool for national and global development. Mathematics has been found to be an engine for societal growth and progress, not only to impact computational and numerical skills but to inculcate knowledge, skills, values and a sense of responsibility for building human capitals which drives and sets technological innovations and economic growth. The teaching and learning process of mathematics has however become a subject of discourse due to students’ persistent failure in the subject. This paper evaluates the traditional method of teaching mathematics as well as innovative ways of communicating the subject to learners for easy understanding. The use of innovative method of teaching and learning in educational institution has the potential not only to improve education but also to empower people, strengthen governance and galvanize the effort to achieve the human development goal for the country. Several recommendations were made for improvement in order to meet up with global best practices. Keywords.

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